Solutions from a single source

When using RIFAST®, you rely on the benefits of a safe, comprehensive system that provides you with a distinct cost advantage over your competitors.

Cost comparison


Advantages of a safe, comprehensive system

Right from the start, our application engineers offer you excellent advice, our manufacturing facilities deliver optimally engineered elements that perfectly fit your needs, and our technicians provide you with professional maintenance and support.


  • Expert manufacturing and engineering advice provided by specialists in the field
  • Application engineering and performance testing to determine key metrics for customer components utilizing RIFAST® elements
  • Provision of functional elements and automated process technology for feeding and clinching functional elements
  • Fasteners with high positioning accuracy and strength


  • You save logistics costs because you only need procure and store one fastening element – regardless of the sheet metal thickness.
  • Lower labor and wage costs as there are fewer manufacturing stages in production.
  • Reduce in-house WIP between manufacturing processes.
  • Lower quality management costs as our RIFAST® system utilizes fully automated manufacturing which delivers process-reliable joints that meet the highest quality standards.